UIP BAU - Business (TEO) information

Business information for PTEs for business as usual. Changing SMS, EEL invoicing.

How do I get NSNs for students if my system does not integrate with NSI?

Individual users can apply for access to the NSI for allocating NSNs – complete the Individual ESAA Account Request form.

The NSI Web User Interface Guide explains the prerequisites to enable a valid user to access the web interface of the NSI system. It provides instructions for the web functionality and advice on how to navigate through the web interface. For further NSI information go to the Ministry of Education's website.

How does UIP collect and calculate the EEL levy?

The Export Education Levy (EEL) is calculated three times a year on a cumulative basis using the learner component enrolment information provided in the data collection. UIP uses the delivery start and end dates, fee paying status and tuition fees to calculate the fixed and variable fees to produce an invoice which is emailed to the provider. Any questions on EEL can be directed to EEL.Administrator@education.govt.nz.

How do I check the EEL Invoice generated by the UIP system?

We understand that you will need to be confident in the automated data collection and invoice calculation before paying the EEL invoice. If you wish to obtain a detailed listing of the information used to calculate the invoice you may request this from UIP.DataCollection@education.govt.nz.

Where do I go to find UIP sector reports?

When we have enough PTEs supplying data via the automated data collection system we will be able to provide reports on the Unfunded International Provider sector. These will be available from Education New Zealand. Another source of information on the sector will be available on the Education Counts website.

What do I do if I am changing my SMS vendor?

If you are changing SMS vendors after interfacing with UIP through your current vendor, your new SMS vendor will be required to complete the SMS Compliance process. Refer to SMS Compliance for details. Once your new vendor is compliant you may continue to the UIP Go-Live Process.

If you have any issues downloading any documents please contact us at UIP.DataCollection@education.govt.nz.