NSI Go Live programme

Information about the NSI Go Live programme.

No SDR certification will be undertaken for the 2021 year.

The purpose of SMS NSI Go Live programme is to ensure that the Student Management System (SMS) interfaces correctly with the National Student Index (NSI).

The NSI Go Live programme tests that the method by which the SMS interfaces with the NSI works as specified in the Guide to Integrating with National Student Index (GINS). Similarly, the ECE NSI GINS Appendix is an additional guide for Early Childhood Education SMS's integrating with NSI.

The Guide to Integrating with National Student Index (GINS) explains the necessary requirements to enable a student management system (SMS) to integrate with the National Student Index (NSI) system. It explains the NSI functionality and details each of the options available for integration with the NSI.

The NSI Go Live programme requires the SMS Vendors and/or Tertiary Providers to complete a set of testing scripts provided by the Ministry.

The NSI Go Live programme is compulsory for all new SMS Vendors and /or Tertiary Providers. That is anyone that has not previously undertaken the programme before using the NSI.

Please note that on average, the testing process takes at least three months to complete. Any provider or SMS vendor that wishes to go-live with a new SMS must contact the Education Service Desk at least three months before they wish to start using the NSI system.

The provider/ vendor is given access to the NSI Compliance Database to conduct their Go-Live testing.

Completed Go-Live test results are sent to the Education Service Desk to be reviewed and checked.

Once the Ministry of Education is satisfied with the test results, the provider will be given access to the Production NSI Database.

If you have any queries regarding the SMS NSI Go Live Programme, or you would like a copy of the Go-Live test scripts, please contact us at service.desk@education.govt.nz.