December 2020 SDR

Information to help you submit your December 2020 Single Data Return (SDR). It also contains a summary of changes for the April 2021 SDR.

Dates for submitting your December 2020 SDR

  • You can submit your December 2020 return anytime between 1 January 2021 and 31 January 2021.
  • If you have already uploaded your SDR files for validation, please ensure you upload them again after 1 January 2021.
DateWhat's happening
31 December 2020 Extract date for the December 2020 SDR
1 January 2021 SDR round opens
31 January 2021 SDR round closes

Resources and support

When completing your return please refer to the updated version of the 2020 SDR manual noting the ‘summary of changes for 2021’ page.

SDR manuals

  • For help with course, qualification and delivery site approvals, and your SDR in general, please contact the TEC Customer Contact Group on 0800 601 301 or at Help will be available after the Christmas break from 8.30am Wednesday 6 January 2021.
  • For help on accessing the STEO website and validation errors, please contact the Ministry of Education Service Desk on 0800 422 599 or at Help will be available after the Christmas break from 7.30am Tuesday 5 January 2021.

Important points to note for your December 2020 SDR

Upload your workforce questionnaire (Staff return) before you submit your December 2020 SDR.

Please upload the new 2020 workforce questionnaire, or Staff return, to the STEO website before you submit your December 2020 SDR. Any old files will not work. Your December 2020 SDR will not be accepted without a processed workforce questionnaire. You may need to source this information from a different person or team in your organisation prior to the Christmas break, so this does not hold up your January submission. Find more information about workforce questionnaires on the education website.

Managed Apprenticeship Flag

There is a new definition for Managed Apprenticeship that applies for 2020. The SDR validation has changed to accommodate qualifications at Level 3 where they are part of an approved complex apprenticeship qualification. The warnings from August 2020 SDR have become errors for the December 2020 SDR return (see below). For full details please refer to the latest version of the SDR Manual.

Errors or WarningsCodeDescription
Errors 643 MANAAPPR is invalid for University
644 MANAAPPR is other than Y or N
645 MANAAPPR is Y and FUNDING is not 01, 02 or 03
646 MANAAPPR is Y and ASSIST is 12
647 MANAAPPR is Y and Attend is not 1
648 MANAAPPR is Y and NZQF Level of the qualification is less than 3
Warnings 676 If MANAAPPR is Y, the overall study must include at least 60 credits at NZQF Level 4

If MANAAPPR is Y, the overall study must have at least 120 credits and lead to NZQF Level 4 Qualification

Export Education Levy suspended

The Export Education Levy summary report will be removed from the Services for Tertiary Education Organisations (STEO) website for the December 2020 SDR. Export Education Levy payment obligations have been cancelled for 2020 and 2021 only, as part of the COVID-19 response and to help providers affected by the loss of international students.

Fees Free

Please ensure all learners reported in your monthly ‘Fees Free All Enrolments and Costs Actuals’ are included in your December 2020 SDR. It is important that Fees Free learners are reported in both the monthly ‘Fees Free All Enrolments and Costs Actuals’ and December 2020 SDR. Please check if returning part-time students have any unused fees free entitlement so they do not pay fees in error.

Changes for the April 2021 SDR

The 2021 SDR manual has been released and the following changes will be made:

  • Updated Fees Free Eligible indicator
  • Ethnicity group changes
  • Country list changes.

The SDR Manual 2021 ‘summary of changes for 2021’ page, details these changes.

SDR Manual 2021