2019 August Single Data Return – Update and reminder

This section provides information to help you submit your August 2019 Single Data Return (SDR).

What you need to know

Find key information to make the SDR process simpler.

When is the August SDR due?

You will need to extract your data on 7 August 2019, in preparation for submitting your SDR by 5.00pm, 21 August 2019.

If you have already extracted and validated your files, please re-extract and re-validate them on or after 7 August 2019.

New providers

For help on filing your first return please contact us as soon as possible on 0800 601 301 or sectorhelpdesk@tec.govt.nz.

Reminder - Forecasts

For TEOs that deliver SAC Level 3 and above with a source of funding code of:

  • ‘01 Student Achievement Component Funding’, and
  • ‘29 Maori Pasifika Trades Training Level 3 and 4’

You must provide an EFTS forecast for the current year and for four out-years with each SDR round. We will use forecasting data to help inform allocations and in-year funding amendments. Please ensure accurate and realistic forecast data is submitted. It is a requirement of your funding conditions that you provide us with accurate data.

The basis for the forecast will be the EFTS consumed and the EFTS awaiting consumption (refer to SDR Manual “EFTS_MTH” Field Number 2.18). This includes your best estimate of the monthly EFTS for students who have not yet enrolled, but are expected to enrol in the remaining months of the year.

Changes for the August 2019 SDR

Updates to SDR Manual (V1.2)

The MoE and TEC have released an updated version of the SDR manual. This is available on the Education Services website and we suggest you read through the changes prior to submitting your SDR.

Please note the following key changes for your August 2019 SDR submission, found on Page 3 of the 2019 SDR Manual.

Changes to fees free validation rules

Validations for the ‘Fees Free eligible indicator field’ will change from a warning notification to an error from the August 2019 SDR onwards. Errors in this field will prevent you from submitting your August SDR.

We have also removed a validation rule (664) which is not required from 1 August 2019 onwards.

Validation rules 665 and 666 – Total_Fee removed

Following feedback received from the sector, validation rules 665 and 666 for the “TOTAL_FEE for domestic student field” are removed from August 2019 SDR. While validating your SDR files, you will not encounter the validation rules 665 and 666 anymore. Please make sure to revalidate your files to clear any errors occurring due to these validation rules.

While these validations are removed, we will still require you to enter a value in the field for all your domestic students. We will get in touch with you after the SDR if we identify any issues. The fee information you provide will be checked as part of our standard auditing process.

Changes to total fee for domestic student validation rules

Validations for the ‘Total fee for domestic student field’ will change from a warning notification to an error from the August 2019 SDR onwards. Errors in these fields will prevent you from submitting your August SDR.

International students enrolled at a Trades Academy

We have added a validation rule from 1 August 2019 to allow international students to be reported using Source of Funding 24. The validation rule is 671 - Assist is 03 and Funding is not 02, 12 or 24.

Validation 607 will be inactive from 1 August 2019 onwards. However, it will apply to any potential SDR resubmissions dated before 1 August 2019. The 607 validation rule is - Assist is 03 and Funding is not 02 or 12.

Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT) Consortia Information

MPTT SDR data is dependent on learner information collected via Workspace 2. Please note you must use the MPTT Actuals data collection template.

The MPTT Actuals must be submitted at the same time as the SDR to ensure delivery is assigned to TEOs correctly. Specifically, we require correct NSNs so we can cross match the learner data uploaded by the Consortia, to the provider submission through the SDR. This allows us to correctly calculate MPTT brokerage and top-up funding.

Equity funding and Special Supplementary Grant (SSG) reporting

Equity funding reporting and SSG reporting will be part of the August 2019 SDR process. Both reports should be submitted to the TEC by 31 August 2019 on your Workspace 2.

The TEC is releasing an updated version of the ‘Equity Funding: Tertiary Students with Disabilities Reporting Template’ via our website. TEIs receiving this component of equity funding are expected to complete the template and submit on Workspace 2.

Institutes of technology and polytechnics who receive Special Supplementary Grant for Special Education (SSG – Special Education) funding will need to complete the ‘Special Education – Special Supplementary Grant Report Template’. The template will be provisioned to your Workspace 2 on 29 July 2019. Please submit the completed template on your Workspace 2.

Export Education Levy – EEL amounts regarding April SDR 2019

We are sorry that the wrong EEL rates were on the last SDR report.  The correct rates will be on the upcoming report.  Please do not pay on the report as an invoice will be sent.

Key dates

7 August 2019: Extract data for the August 2019 SDR

8 August 2019: SDR round opens

21 August 2019: SDR round closes

Resources and support

  • To guide you in using the STEO, refer to the STEO User Guide v3 (MS Word, 9.2 MB).
  • To guide you in your submission of the August 2019 SDR, please refer to the latest version of the SDR Manual 2019 version 1.2 [PDF, 2.02 MB] and related appendices
  • For assistance with course, qualification and delivery site approvals, and the SDR in general, please contact our Customer Contact Group on 0800 601 301 or sectorhelpdesk@tec.govt.nz.
  • For help on accessing the STEO website and validation errors, please contact the Ministry of Education Service Desk on 0800 422 599 or service.desk@education.govt.nz