PLD - Online PLD System

The new online PLD application system is now live. This replaces the previous PLD Journal spreadsheet. The PLD application process is now easier, clearer and user friendly.


For schools, kura, Kāhui Ako, and clusters

In order to apply for PLD you first need to set up Education Sector Logon (ESL) access to the online PLD system.

To get access, the ESL Delegated Authoriser in your school or kura can request access to the online PLD system for you either by updating your existing ESL account or inviting you to create a new ESL account if you do not have one via Delegated Authorisers for schools.

You can visit the Ministry’s ESL website for information on how to set up your ESL account once your kura or school’s Delegated Authoriser has invited you to create an ESL account.

ESL website

Once you have ESL access to the online PLD system, you will be able to login and create your proposal.

If you require further support, contact the Ministry's Education Service Desk team by phone: 0800 422 599 or by email:

Who is my delegated authoriser?

There are a few ways to find out who your school delegated authoriser is, if you have an existing ESL account associated with your school:

For providers and facilitators

By the third release of the online PLD system on 27 March, each provider organisation and every active facilitator will need to have set up their Education Sector Logon (ESL) to access the online PLD system.

Each provider needs to set up a Delegated Authoriser, a maximum of two administrative users, and every active facilitator in their organisation within ESL.

Please email to receive the forms to get access or visit the PLD website for more information.

Information for pld providers - PLD website

If you do not have an ESL account associated with your school:

  • check with a colleague
  • contact the Education Service Desk.