Request access to Helios Portal

Detailed information for how staff request access to the Helios (K2) Portal.

Access to the Helios Portal

There are several steps you will need to undertake in order to get a Helios Portal logon. 

Full details are available on the website.

Project Managers and 10YPP consultants

Download and complete the Helios Portal and 10YPP Access Request Form[PDF, 312 KB] and take it in person to your regional property office with evidence of your identity. 

You will then be invited within 3-days of the request being lodged by the school to undertake an online training module in using the Helios Portal for read-only access to school data.

New School Users (e.g. Principals, Board Chairs or Executive Officers)

You will be invited within 3-days to undertake an optional Helios Portal module for read-only access to your school data.

NB: School users please note your school ESL Delegated Authoriser will request access to the Helios Portal (the PMIS replacement) on your behalf.

Go to the website for more information

Successful completion of your Training Module

Following successful completion of your training module(s) you will be advised that your system access will be set up within 6-10 days. You will then be notified that you are now able to access the Helios Portal using your Education Sector Login (ESL) through the Helios Portal icon from the Property Portal.