ENROL Information

Support information for schools and kura about ENROL.

ENROL is a register of student enrolments. It lets a school or kura update enrolments as students enrol, change schools or leave the school system.

All Schools and Kura must use ENROL.

Application link

ENROL is at: https://enrol.education.govt.nz/

Application roles

School staff must use their own ESL user account with a valid ENROL Role to be able to access the ENROL application. ENROL Training is also a requirement.

Role nameDescription
School administrator Allows a School administrator read and write functions. [requires ENROL training] 
Principal read-only Allows a School Principal read-only access. [requires ENROL training]
RTLB user (Cluster Manager, Practice Leader) read-only Allows a RTLB Cluster Manager and Practice Leader read-only access. [requires ENROL training]

How do I get access?

Please contact your school’s ESL Authoriser/Delegated Authoriser to have the appropriate role assigned to your ESL account, or to receive an email invitation for a new ESL user account (if you do not have one), the accept an invite process is available here

If you are not sure who your ESL Authoriser Delegated Authoriser(s) are then please check with a colleague, your principal or manager.

If you are a DHB user, Attendance Service user or a Ministry user refer to this information about requesting ENROL access for DHB, Attendance Service or Ministry users

ENROL Training

Once a request is received for a ENROL role that requires training, the Ministry of Education Training Services team will contact you directly about ENROL Training. Once you have completed the online training, the Education Service Desk will approve your ENROL access for your ESL user account and you will receive a confirmation email.

How do I logon?

School staff must use their own ESL user account with a valid ENROL Role to be able to access ENROL. 

1. Select the Application Logon Links at the top of this screen and then select Logon to ENROL.

2. You will be taken to the ENROL Landing Page. Select the Access ENROL button. 


ENROL Landing Page

3. You will be taken to the Education Sector Logon screen.

Enter your Education Sector Logon User ID and Education Sector logon Password and then select the Logon button.

5. You should be taken to the homepage of ENROL.


ENROL Homepage Screen

6. When you have finished using ENROL remember to 'Logout' of ENROL by selecting the 'Logout' Tab on the right hand side of ENROL.


The ENROL section of the Education.govt.nz website includes enrolment elegibility, privacy information, some user guides and other information.  

For ENROL application support, contact the Education Service Desk.