Request access to 10YPP

Detailed information for how 10YPP Consultants and Education Property Advisors request access to the Ten Year Property Planner (10YPP)

Please note: School staff are not able to access 10YPP, and should, instead, request access to the Helios Portal.

Only 10YPP Consultants and Education Property Advisors are allowed access to the online 10YPP application.

10YPP Access

There are several steps you will need to undertake in order to get a 10YPP account and logon details. 

Details to follow and relevant 10YPP request form are available on the Education website

10YPP Consultant

You will be invited within 3-days of application to undertake an online training module in using the 10YPP planner in a read-write capacity and a Helios Portal module for read-only access to school data.

Successful Completion of Training Module

Following successful completion of your training module you will be advised that your system access will be set up within 3-6 days. You will then be notified that you are now able to access 10YPP/Helios using your Education Sector Login (ESL) account through one of the system icons on the Property Portal.