Overview of the ERS

Why we need the ERS

The system we use for calculating funding is more than 25 years old and needs to be replaced. The Education Resourcing System (ERS) automates the funding application process and enables better access to information online. It also reduces paper and manual processes for both Education providers and the Ministry.

You can use ERS to apply for funding and access resourcing information for your organisation.

This means:

  • You can easily attach information to funding requests
  • You can track the status of each request
  • You can see your payment advice notices online

The ERS does not affect the way you receive funding. Only the technology used to calculate the funding and the way funding information can be accessed is changing.  ERS is not related to the payroll system, so it won’t affect the pay that teachers receive.

You will still be applying for the same types of funding, but just in a different way.

Payments covered by the ERS

The ERS calculates funding for early learning, school operational grants, school staffing entitlements, and learning support. Funding types that fall within these categories will be processed electronically.

If you already apply for funding online (via another system e.g. ELI), there will be no change to submission processes. The ERS will use this information to calculate the payment.

Any other submissions of information from education providers to the Ministry that aren’t funding-related will not be changed by the ERS.