This section has some general questions and answers about using ERS. If you still can't find what you're after, contact us or fill in our feedback form.

How will I know when I have been paid?

The ERS will send you an email letting you know that your request has been paid. You can log onto the ERS to see the specific payment details.

This email will be sent to the address associated with funding contact we have on file for your organisation. If you are not sure who this is, please contact us.

I need to have access to the ERS, who to I talk to?

Talk to the ESL Delegated Authoriser for your organisation. For playgroups, this will be your Education Advisor in your regional office.

I can’t see the request I am looking for, what do I do?

By default the dashboard will only show you the last three months of requests.

  1. Check the date period selected goes back far enough to display the request you are trying to find.
  2. Clear any text from the Search box.
  3. Clear the filters.

I've created a request, but I want to delete it, what do I do?

If an Administrator has created a request in ERS, and it has not been submitted, you can remove it.

  1. Open the request you want to delete.
  2. From the Actions menu at the top right of the screen, click Remove.

I submitted a request, but now I want to cancel it, what do I do?

Contact us and we'll cancel the request for you.

I’ve removed a request but it is still appearing on my dashboard, what do I do?

You can remove (delete) a request that you have created as long as it hasn't been submitted to the Ministry by your Approver.

If you try to remove a request that has been submitted, you may see a message saying it was successful: 'Your request has not been submitted and has been removed from the system.' but it won't be deleted and you will see it on your dashboard as 'In Progress’.

If you want to remove this request, contact us and we will decline it.

I'm trying to upload an attachment but it's not working, what do I do?

You can only upload PDFs or JPGs that are smaller than 4MB.

I got an error message: The record you attempted to update was modified by another user, what do I do?

When you try to save or submit a request you get the following error message: ‘The record you attempted to update was modified by another user. The update operation was cancelled.’

  • If the request has been saved as a draft by someone else. Return to the dashboard and open the request again before making your changes.
  • If the request has been submitted to the Ministry, contact us, let us know what changes you require and we will make them on your behalf.

I manage more than one organisation - how do I switch between then?

If you have more than one organisation that you are an Administrator or Approver for, you will need to log into ERS separately for each one.

1 Log on to ERS and select the first organisation you want to manage requests for.
2 When you are finished, click on your name at the top right of the screen and select Log Out.
3 Close all internet browser windows that you have open.

Log back into ERS and select the next group you want to manage requests for.

If this doesn't work, you will need to log out of ESL as well. Go to https://identity.education.govt.nz/ui/selfservice/home and click on Logout at the top right of the screen.

Can we use the same email address for both the Administrator and the Approver?

No, do not use a shared email address for your ESL account, as passwords can be reset via your email account. We recommend you use your personal email address to ensure the privacy and security of your ESL user account.

Why should I care about the security of my ESL account?

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