ELI Reports Self-Paced Learning Modules

This set of modules is designed for Early Childhood Education services using ELI Web or a Student Management System

Teacher reads with children

This module is designed for early learning services to use for planning purposes and to see what ELI data has been sent to the Ministry of Education. This module provides information about the 8 reports available to all early learning services.  They describe the functions and processes that services should follow when working in ELI Reports.  ELI Reports works the same for all service types, but the actual reports produced differ for centre-based and home-based services.

The 8 reports covered are:

  1. Attendance Report
  2. Child’s Attendance at Service Report
  3. Booking Report
  4. National Student Number Report
  5. Enrolment Report
  6. 20 Hours ECE Report
  7. ECE Return Report
  8. RS7 Funding Return Report

ELI Reports Self-Paced Learning Module

You can return to this module as often as required so it is not necessary to complete the entire module in a single sitting.



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