Update on the June 2019 ECE Return

The annual Early Childhood Education (ECE) Return for 2019 was from 24 to 30 June 2019. All ECE Returns, including RS61 forms, were due to the Ministry by 12 July 2019.

All early learning services should now have submitted an electronic ECE Return via ELI or a paper-based/digital RS61, unless the Ministry has been notified otherwise. Thank you to those who have submitted already. If you have not done so, your service should submit these immediately.

Completing an accurate ECE Return on time is a mandatory requirement of the ELI Principles of Use. Services not connected to ELI need to submit a complete and accurate RS61 form by the due date. Your funding may be withheld if the Ministry does not receive your return on time.

ELI Principles of Use

A copy of the digital 2019 RS61 ECE Return form is available for download from the Education Counts website. We can post a copy to you if you prefer using paper-based RS61 Returns. You can request a paper copy by emailing ece.statistics@education.govt.nz.

Education Counts website

The Ministry has begun contacting early learning services about late returns and potential inaccuracies.

For more information about the ECE Return please visit the Annual ECE Return Questions and Answers page or email us at ece.statistics@education.govt.nz.

Annual ECE Return Questions and Answers page