We would like to thank all early learning services for ensuring every child is assigned a NSN upon enrolment at their service. Since this requirement became mandatory within all Student Management Systems (SMSs), we have had an expected increase in the number of unverified NSNs created for children.

Early learning services must inform the Ministry of Education of any change to the way they operate that affects the management of Early Learning Information (ELI) data. Managing these changes correctly is one requirement of the ELI Principles of Use: providing the Ministry with up-to-date enrolment and attendance information.

The Annual Early Childhood Education (ECE) Return Week this year is 18 to 24 June 2018. All early learning services need to submit their ECE Return (Census) by 11 July 2018.The information is crucial for monitoring and policy development of ECE in New Zealand.

Your Annual early childhood education (ECE) Return needs to be submitted by 11 July 2018.