User invitation - use my existing ESL account

If you are an existing ESL user and you have received an ESL invitation, then you can link your invitation to your existing user account by following the steps outlined in this section User invitation - use my existing ESL account

If you already use an ESL user account and you require access to a school, then the School ESL Delegated Authoriser can send you an invite e-mail.

In all other cases, a user will usually fill out an ESL Form and then access is granted by the Ministry of Education with an invite email being sent.

Receive e-mail invitation

Your school delegated authoriser or the Education Service Desk will send an email invitation for you.

You will receive an email invitation - make sure the invitation is for you.

If it is for you click on the link in the email.


Accept Invitation - Link to your existing ESL account

You will be taken to the Education Sector Logon section Accept invitation for [Insert preferred name, insert family name].

You will have to answer a few questions, that ask if you are the person in the ESL email invitation and do you have an existing ESL account.

If you answer Yes to both questions there will be a Link to your existing ESL account button for you to select to progress to the ESL Logon screen.


Logon to link your invitation to your existing ESL account

Enter your existing ESL Username and Password and select Login.


Are you Sure?

If the email invitation you are accepting has different personal details to your existing ESL account you will be taken to an Are You Sure screen. This could be details such as your name, email or date of birth. You should only accept these changes to your account if they are correct. If they are not select the Cancel button to cancel the invitation.

If you accept the changes from your invite select the Yes, update my account button.

If the email invitation has no changes to your personal details, then you will not see this Are you Sure? screen and you will instead be taken straight to the ESL self-service landing page.


Invitation Completed

Now you will be taken to the Your account has been updated screen which confirms the invitation has been completed and what personal details have been updated for your existing ESL user account. Select the Continue to self service button to view your updated ESL user account.


Self Service

ESL Self Service is where you can see your personal details and access for your existing ESL User account.

If something is wrong with the details or access for your existing ESL user account contact your school's ESL Delgated Authoriser if they sent your email invitation, otherwise contact the Education Service Desk for further support.



If everything looks ok with your updated user account you should logout of your ESL Self Service session by clicking the Logout link in the top right of the screen.


This page was last updated on 08 May 2019.