Early Childhood Sector

Information for the early childhood sector on how to request access to the Education Sector Logon for Applications used by early childhood education services.

Early Learning Information (ELI)

For advice on how to get access to the Early Learning Information application contact the Ministry of Education Resourcing Contact Centre 

Further information about ELI is available here

ECE User access Requests

You must have an Education Sector Logon account with valid access to be able to log in to ECE applications online

ECE User Request (ESL 38) Form

For an ECE Registered Teacher to apply for access to applications which use the Education Sector Logon, please complete and submit the Early Childhood Education (ECE) User Request (ESL 38) Form

Your ECE Service Provider Contact is the Education Sector Logon (ESL) Authoriser at your ECE Service. They are required to authorise these ECE User Requests via Part 3 of the ESL 38 form.

ECE Delegated Authoriser Request (ESL 37) Form

Your ECE Service Provider Contact can delegate authorising responsibility to the Professional Leader on their behalf for their ECE Service to approve ESL user access requestsfor staff at your ECE Service (which the delegate would do via part 3 of the ECE User Request ESL 37) Form.

If you are a Professional Leader and your Service Provider Contact wishes to delegate this authorising responsibility to you then please complete and submit the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Delegated Authoriser Request (ESL 37) Form 

Further information about Teaching Council Hapori Matatū | Online Community is available here

ECE Secure Data Portal Request (ESL 39) Form

If you are a funding contact for your Service Provider and request access to Secure Data Portal to download your funding notices for your organisation, then please complete and submit the Early Childhood Education Secure Data Portal Request (ESL39) Form.

ECE Users - ESL invitation email 

Once a ECE User has requested access, if the user receives an ESL email invitation they will need to accept and complete the email invitation, details on how to do that are available here

If you don't complete this task your user access request may not be granted in a timely manner.