UIP SMS vendors

List of vendors who are integrated with UIP and/or able to assist with UIP data uploads through the portal.

SMS vendors are currently integrating their systems to the UIP system. Once achieved we will publish their details on this page.

Vendor: Adapt IT Australasia

SMS Name: Artena

Web: www.smss.org.nz

Vendor: Adapt IT Australasia UIP Bureau Service

Web: www.smss.org.nz/products/

Vendor: Athina Academic Management Solutions Ltd

SMS Name: Athina

Web: http://athina.co.nz/

Vendor: Wisenet

SMS Name: Wisenet

Web: http://www.wisenet.co/

Vendor: Z&M numerics Ltd

SMS Name: EnrolPro

Web: www.enrolpro.co.nz

Vendor: Z&M numerics Ltd UIP Bureau Service

SMS Name: EnrolPro

Web: http://ep.enrolpro.com/index.php/94