Explaining Unfunded International Providers

Unfunded International Providers (UIP) background and how to on-board the system.

About UIP

The Unfunded International Providers (UIP) system is an automated event based data collection system which will collect individual learner and provider data from private training establishments that do not receive funding from the Tertiary Education Commission and that are signatories to the Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students. It has been established to increase the timeliness, quality and breadth of information collected by the Ministry of Education on the Unfunded International Providers sector.

From 31 March 2016, UIPs will need to electronically transmit specified information to the Ministry of Education as a condition of registration, under Rule 5.1.3 of the Private Training Establishment Registration Rules 2013. Information about the change to Rule 5.1.3 is available on the NZQA website.

Update: English-language providers to start submitting automated data

From 1 January 2018, English-language providers who enrol international students will submit enrolment information to the Ministry of Education through the UIP system.

Unfunded International Providers have been submitting data to the UIP system since 31 March 2016. English-language providers were temporarily exempt from this requirement until a data collection solution could be worked out that reflected the type of course they run.

Following work by the Ministry of Education, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and Education New Zealand (ENZ) alongside English New Zealand and English-language providers, a shorter set of data was developed that reflects the more informal nature of their English programmes.

The English Language UIPs - Independent Facilitation Report [PDF; 5MB] summarises the outcomes from the workshops between English NZ, English-language providers and government agencies.

From next year, English-language providers will submit the following to the UIP system:

  • Data submitted by English-language providers that do not offer tuition leading to a qualification on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework
  • Information about the Student Management System
  • Information about the English language provider
  • Learner identity information (date of birth, gender, names, and National Student Number)
  • Nationality, immigration status and ethnicity
  • Learner enrolment information (start and end dates of study, delivery site, teacher-directed contact hours, fee-paying status, and tuition fees)
  • Additional data to be submitted by English-language providers offering courses leading to a qualification on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework
  • Component/programme information
  • Learner component completion information
  • Qualification completion information
  • Data required on tour groups and short-term enrolments (2 weeks or less) through a separate web portal
  • Information about the English language provider
  • Nationality and ethnicity, number of students in group
  • Learner enrolment information (start and end dates of study, teacher-directed contact hours, fee-paying status, and tuition fees)

The requirement to submit a shorter set of data will only apply to providers that offer English language tuition not leading to a qualification on the NZQF. Once the English-language provider expands and starts offering programmes outside of this subject area, they will supply the full set of data to the UIP system for all of their programmes.

The UIP system adheres to a robust assessment process conducted by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. It is regularly monitored to ensure these standards are upheld.

The timeline for the submission of data required from English-language providers is as follows:

Phase 1 – developing the system
  • Ministry develops system requirements for data collection
  • Communication with English-language providers
July - September 2017
Phase 2 – testing the system
  • English-language providers adapt their systems and start testing data submissions
From September 2017
Phase 3 – provision of data
  • The tested system is fully developed
  • Data is formally required from 1 January 2018
  • Data to be submitted no later than 30 May 2018
January – May 2018

The Ministry will work with English-language providers to help them implement the new system.

The Ministry has developed simplified information for providers on how to generate National Student Numbers as well as new guidelines for all UIPs including English-language providers.

Due to the shorter data set required for English-language providers, we have grouped UIPs into the following groups:

Group 1Group 2

UIPs offering tuition leading to a qualification listed on the NZQF which may include English language qualifications. They may also offer other tuition that does not lead to a qualification.

Guidelines for Group 1

UIPs offering English-language only tuition not leading to a qualification listed on the NZQF.

Guidelines for Group 2

These guidelines include data requirements and business rules, and will help providers to start conversations with their SMS vendors about connecting to the UIP system. The Ministry is currently working on the new schema, which are the technical specifications required for system integration.

For the 2017 calendar year, English language providers will continue to fill out the RS17 forms for the purpose of collecting Export Education Levy. More information about UIP data requirements for English-language providers can be found on this page

What do I need to do?

The content on these pages will guide you through the process of preparing for the data collection, updating your Student Management System (SMS), undertaking the SMS compliance testing process and going live. The Business as Usual (BAU) pages have information for Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs) and system information for SMS vendors and development teams.

Once you have made the initial changes to integrate your SMS with the UIP system no further action is required. Your BAU processes within your SMS will transmit messages to the UIP system in the background.

How do I integrate my SMS with UIP?

You will need to make updates to your SMS to enable the automated data collection process. Further details can be found in the PTE Guide to integrating your SMS with UIP [PDF; 634KB].

How do I know if I am a UIP for this data collection?

Registered PTEs who are signatories on the Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students and are unfunded (i.e. do not return an SDR).  See a list of current UIPs.

If you are an unfunded TEO with international students, you must complete either an SDR return or a UIP return. If you are voluntarily completing an SDR return, you may continue to do so or change to submitting a UIP return.

If you are a funded TEO with international students completing an SDR return, and change status to become an unfunded TEO, you may continue to submit an SDR return, or change to submitting a UIP return.

Reference documents

For a list of UIP resources and request forms UIP Reference documents.

If you have any issues downloading any of the documents please contact us at UIP.DataCollection@education.govt.nz.