NSI Certification programme

This page includes self certification test scripts and forms for the NSI Certification Programme.

The purpose of SMS NSI certification programme is to ensure that the Student Management System (SMS) interfaces correctly with the National Student Index (NSI).

NSI Certification programme certifies that the method by which the SMS interfaces with the NSI works as specified in the Guide to Integrating with National Student Index (GINS).

The Guide to Integrating with National Student Index (GINS) explains the necessary requirements to enable a student management system (SMS) to integrate with the National Student Index (NSI) system. It explains the NSI functionality and details each of the options available for integration with the NSI.

The certification programme requires the SMS Vendors to complete a set of Self Certification Testing using the NSI Certification Test Scripts provided by the Ministry.

To find out more about National Student Index, go to National Student Index page.

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