SDR General Information

General information regarding the Single Data Return.

Qualification Close Process

The Qualification Close Process is now available on the STEO site.

This process allows you to close qualifications no longer offered by your organisation, in order to remove them from your list of active qualifications on the STEO site.

To close qualifications no longer offered by your organisation:

  1. Go to the secure STEO site, at
  2. Log into the secure STEO site by clicking the 'Log in' tab
  3. Click on the 'Provider'
  4. Click on 'Qualifications'
  5. Click on 'Search'
  6. Find the qualification you wish to close
  7. Tick the three 'request withdrawal' checkboxes (for EFTS, allowances and loans) in the qualification details 'Status' section
  8. Click 'Save'. Your TEC Tertiary Advisor will approve the change to your qualification. Once approved (check the next day):
  9. Repeat steps 1-6. You will now have a 'close qualification' checkbox in the qualification details 'Status' section.
  10. Tick the checkbox to close the qualification.
  11. Click 'Save'

If you have any difficulties with the Qualification Close Process, please email the TEC Sector Helpdesk at or call them on 0800 601 301.

NSN Cut Off Date - Reminder

The NSN cut off date should be set to the date the NSI data is valid to. It is effectively the 'as-at' date for the NSI data in the set of files. This means that any changes made to the NSI after you extract your data should not affect the successful submission of your SDR. The only instance where this is not the case is if two records are merged and you hold the number which becomes invalid.

NSI Extract for eSDR

Just a reminder that if you make changes in the NSI you need to wait 10 minutes before you validate for these changes to be reflected in your eSDR.


Please be aware that the National Student Number (NSN) is issued to a student once for life. NSNs also double as NZQA Record of Achievement Numbers. One of the benefits of this is that when a student is issued an NSN, upon enrolling for NCEA, it means subsequent tertiary providers are not required to issue another number.