NSI Information

National Student Index backgrond information for Tertiary Organisations.

The National Student Index (NSI) is a database maintained by the Ministry of Education. The purpose of the NSI application is to allocate a unique identifier, the National Student Number, to every student enrolled in an education provider in New Zealand.

NSI Web User Guide

NSI Web User Interface Guide

The NSI Web User Interface Guide explains the prerequisites to enable a valid user to use the web interface of the NSI system. It provides instructions for the web functionality and advice on how to navigate your way through the web interface.

Users who mainly access the NSI via their Student Management System (SMS) will find the concepts and advice in this guide very useful. There are also some areas of NSI functionality that can only be accessed via the NSI website.

Requests for support in using the web interface of the NSI system should be made to the Education Service Desk 0800 422 599.

Guide to Integrating with NSI

Guide to integrating with the National Student Index [PDF; 1.56MB] Version 6.9 issued October 2017.

The Guide to Integrating with NSI (GINs) document explains the necessary requirements to enable a student management system (SMS) to integrate with the National Student Index (NSI) system. It explains the NSI functionality and details each of the options available for integration with the NSI.

If you have any questions about interfacing with the NSI system, contact the Education Service Desk on 0800 422 599, or by email on nsi.unit@education.govt.nz


Please be aware that the National Student Number (NSN) is issued to a student once for life. NSNs also double as NZQA Record of Achievement Numbers. Since September 2017 it has been mandatory for the ECE Sector to ensure enroled students they have a NSN.