PLD - Online PLD System

The new online PLD application system is now live. This replaces the previous PLD Journal spreadsheet. The PLD application process is now easier, clearer and user friendly.


For schools, kura, Kāhui Ako, and clusters

You will need to log into the online PLD system using your Education Sector Logon (ESL).

To get access, please contact your school or kura ESL Delegated Authoriser. If you are not sure who your school or kura ESL Delegated Authoriser(s) are, then please login to your ESL self-service to check, using the My Delegated Authoriser section, or check with your colleague.

If you do not have an existing ESL account, your ESL Delegated Authoriser will invite you to create an ESL account. Click here for information on how to set up your ESL account.

For providers and facilitators:

By the third release of the online PLD system on 27 March, each provider organisation and every facilitator will need to have set up their Education Sector Logon (ESL) to access the online PLD system.

Each provider needs to set up a Delegated Authoriser within ESL as the first step. The Delegated Authoriser is the primary user for the provider organisation.

The Delegated Authoriser then can set up a maximum of two administrative users within ESL. Administrative users can process requests, update information and manage allocations.

To set up a Delegated Authoriser and administration users with ESL, please contact to receive the ESL forms, or go to the Ministry’s ESL website for more information on the Delegated Authoriser and user set up processes. 

Please note that Delegated Authoriser's need to go to a Justice of the Peace, Doctor, Kaumatua, or a Minister of Religion to get Evidence of Identity documents. This is outlined on the ESL forms and more information can be found on the Ministry's ESL webpage on evidence of identity.  

Once these users are set up, they can set up all of the facilitators in their organisation with an ESL to access the online PLD system.