What is NZQA External Moderation?

Brief overview of the NZQA External Moderation Application.


Schools and tertiary education organisations who assess NZQA-managed standards use the external moderation application to manage the moderation process and submit materials to NZQA for moderation.


Within this application, education organisations can:


  • manage the moderation plan
  • submit materials for moderation online
  • access moderation reports and annual summaries
  • query a moderation report, or appeal a moderation result, and
  • track progress of the moderation plan and moderation submissions via a dashboard.


The first release of the NZQA external moderation application is scheduled for Monday 31st October 2016, when assessment plans will be available.

The deadline for submitting the assessment plan to NZQA is 30 November 2016.

The NZQA external moderation application will be fully implemented in time to support the start of the 2017 moderation cycle in March 2017.

Further information is available on the NZQA website