Education Sector Logon Upgrade

The Education Sector Logon (ESL) is being upgraded in 2018.

The Education Sector Logon is the identity and access management system for the education sector. It currently supports around 100,000 teachers, administrators and other workforce users across over 25 sector applications from the Ministry, NZQA, TEC and Education Council including ENROL, e-asTTle and the NZQA and TEC Extranets. The ESL has also previously been known as the Education Sector Authentication and Authorisation system (ESAA).


In preparation for the upgrade, there will be a configuration change to applications during September 2017 that will not materially impact users. Users may notice a change in their web browser redirects as they log in to an application.

The timeframe for the core upgrade to ESL will be announced here once it is confirmed.

Following the core upgrade to ESL, users of the ESL will experience an updated logon screen and improved self-service, while school authorisers will authorise their users directly within ESL instead of making requests through the Education Sector Logon Provisioning Application (EPA). There will be no change to the username, password or security questions for a user’s Education Sector Logon account.

An ESL Factsheet for School Stakeholders has been created for school authorisers who currently use EPA.  

Further information will be provided in the lead up to this change.