Tips for EPA Authorisers

Tips for EPA Authorisers when using the Education sector logon Provisioning Application.

Finding EPA using a search engine

Although EPA can be found by all search engines, the EPA application still does not rank highly in search results and it might not appear on the first page. 

We recommend you use the Application URL link available from the School Applications website to access EPA.

Bookmark the home address for School Applications:

I can see a staff member twice in the 'Your Users' list

Contact the Education Service Desk if you can see the same staff member with two or more user accounts. The Education Service Desk will help you to understand why it has happened and if there are any steps that need to be taken to resolve the issue.

How do I cancel an EPA request?

The EPA requests you complete and submit in EPA still go to the Education Service Desk who are responsible for checking and entering the information into the Education Sector Logon System. You aren’t changing anything directly in the ESL system.

If you submit a EPA request by mistake, contact the Education Service Desk – they will be able to cancel an EPA Request for you.

How do I make changes to an EPA request that has been signed and submitted? 

If you’ve made a mistake or forgotten to put something in a request, the Education Service Desk may be able to help you. However, they may have to cancel the request and ask you to submit a new one, or you may have to wait for one request to be processed before submitting another.

Clicking the ‘Sign and Submit’ button in EPA is the equivalent of an electronic signature. Your signature is signing off on everything in the request. Therefore you can’t add anything to a request or change a request without signing it again.

What do the progress bars on the Your Requests page mean

The progress bar on the Your Request page lets you know how far along the request is with the Education Service Desk.

Why did I get the error message 'An unexpected error has occurred'

EPA generates this error message usually when the EPA application times out. It doesn't always mean that EPA has stopped working.

Below is an example screenshot of an unexpected error message in EPA: 

An example of a screenshot of the screen where an error message has occurred.

Troubleshooting for 'An unexpected error has occurred'

Click on the EPA home page button or the Your Users / Your Requests buttons to see if you can continue.

If you still get the event ID, close down your browser and restart it.

If you still get an event ID after restarting your browser, then try a different browser or restart your PC.

It is no longer necessary to e-mail the event ID code to the Service Desk.

EPA Application Support

The Education Service Desk support the EPA Application and they are available Monday to Friday, between the hours of 7:30am and 5:30pm;

Phone: 0800 422 599