Request access to EPA

Detailed information for how staff request access to be an EPA Authoriser for their School or Kura.

Only a registered EPA Authoriser can use the Education Sector Logon Provisioning Application (EPA).

What does an EPA Authoriser do?

An EPA Authoriser is a delegated authoriser who can sign off on and submit requests for access to online education sector applications on behalf of staff at their school or kura.

An EPA Authoriser uses EPA to sign and submit these staff requests electronically. EPA is a requesting tool that replaces the individual paper request forms that school staff used to complete and get signed off by their school principal/tumuaki or delegated authoriser to get access to online education sector applications.

How do schools or kura request access to be an EPA Authoriser

To become a registered EPA Authoriser follow these steps: 

Step 1: Make sure you have the approval of your school's principal to become an EPA Authoriser.

Step 2: Fill out the EPA Authoriser Request (ESL 10) Form [PDF; 63KB] Note: Your school's principal needs to complete the authorisers confirmation in Part 3 of the EPA Authoriser request form.

Step 3: Send the completed form via e-mail (preferred) or post to the Education Service Desk as per Part 4 of the EPA Authoriser Form.

Step 4: Once the Education Service Desk has processed your EPA Authoriser request you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Education Service Desk that your EPA Authoriser access has been granted.

Only then will you be able to use EPA. Details on how to logon to EPA are available here.

How many EPA Authorisers should a school or kura have?

As schools and kura are usually busy, we recommend you have a minimum of two staff set up as EPA Authorisers, especially if your school or kura:

  • Regularly manages more than 15 to 20 EPA requests per week. 
  • You have days when the number of EPA requests suddenly increases. For example you go from submitting a few requests per day to 20 or more requests per day. This scenario occurs frequently for many schools or kura during the beginning of Term One. 
  • Require cover when EPA Authorisers are on leave or sick.

If you’re in a larger sized school or kura you might need three to five EPA Authorisers to ensure you have adequate cover.  

Because the EPA Authoriser has a high level of access, it is not appropriate for every staff member at a medium to large sized school or kura to request or have access to EPA.