Request access to EC Online

Detailed information for how staff request access to Education Council Online

Types of access to EC Online

Two EC Online roles are available in EPA;

EC Teacher - Teachers can renew their own full practising certificate application online (previously known as an EC30 Form).

EC School Principal - Principals can confirm three sections of a teacher’s renewal of their full practising certificate application online.

The sections that the principal may confirm are Proof of Identity (POI), Endorsement and Certification of overseas police certificates.

You may already have access to EC Online

Your school or kura EPA Authoriser is able to check in EPA now to see if you already have been granted access. 

If you are not sure who your school's EPA Authoriser is then please ask a colleague or else contact the  Education Service Desk

If your school or kura EPA Authoriser advised you do have EC Online access already you should read the section below; Important information about EC Online.

If your EPA authoriser advises you do not have EC online access already you will need to follow the process below to get access to EC Online.

To get access to EC Online

Please ask your school or kura EPA Authoriser to request EC Online access for you as they have the ability to submit staff access requests via the EPA Online Tool to the Education Service Desk.

This EPA process replaces the need for school staff to fill out a paper form for access to Education Sector Applications.

If you are not sure who your school's EPA Authoriser is then please ask a colleague or else contact the  Education Service Desk 

Once your school or kura EPA Authoriser submits your EPA Request for EC Online access this will be received and processed by the Education Service Desk within 3 working days.

Once the Education Service Desk have completed your EC Online request you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Education Service Desk regarding your ESL user account being granted EC Online access.

Important information about EC Online

EC Online application is not actually available to use yet.

The exact date that EC Online will be available for use has not been confirmed yet, at this stage it is expected to be sometime in Term Four of 2017.