EC30 Online Information

Information for Schools and kura about the Education Council - EC30 Online Application.


EC30 Online is an online application that enables teachers to apply online for the renewal of a full practising certificate.

Teachers with EC Teacher access to EC30 Online can complete a full practising certificate renewal application online.

Principals with EC School Principal access to EC30 Online can then confirm sections of the teacher’s application online.

The sections that the principal may confirm are:

  • Proof of Identity (POI)
  • Endorsement
  • Certification of overseas police certificates

EC30 Online is now available to use.

Further information about EC30 Online is available on the Education Council website via the EC30 Online section

Application Link

For Teachers is:

For Principals to do endorsements is:

Application Role

School staff must use their own ESL user account with an EC30 Online School user Role to be able to access the EC30 Online Application.

Role nameDescription
School Principal Principal role for approval of teacher re-certification
Teacher Allows a registered teacher to submit and maintain their teacher registration details

How do I get access to EC30 Online?

Please contact your school’s ESL Authoriser/Delegated Authoriser to have the appropriate role assigned to your ESL user account, or to receive an email invitation for a new ESL user account (if you do not have one), the accept an invite process is available here

If you are not sure who your ESL Authoriser/Delegated Authoriser(s) are then please check with a colleague, your principal or manager.