Request access to e-asTTle

Detailed information for how staff request access to e-asTTle.

Types of access for e-asTTle

3 levels of access are available for staff to use with e-asTTle; 

School User 

Allows the creation, viewing, assignment and marking of tests, as well as the viewing of test results and reports, etc.

School Administrator

Allows the uploading of school student data and class/group details from your Student Management System.

School Principal (also known as School Leader) 

Authorises access to your school e-asTTle data if, e.g., by Cluster Coordinators, PD Providers, or Researchers. 


You may already have access to e-asTTle

Your school or kura EPA Authoriser is able to check in EPA now to see if you already have been granted e-asTTle access and what type of e-asTTle access you have. 

If you are not sure who your school's EPA Authoriser is then please ask a colleague or else contact the Education Service Desk 

If your school or kura EPA Authoriser advised you do have e-asTTle access and the type of access you have is suitable you do not need to do anything further.

If your EPA authoriser advises you do not have e-asTTle access or the type of access you have is not correct you will need to follow the process below to get e-asTTle access.


How do school or kura staff request access to e-asTTle? 

To get access to e-asTTle please ask your School's EPA Authoriser to request e-asTTle access for you as they have the ability to submit staff access requests via the EPA Online Tool to the Education Service Desk.

Find out more about EPA

This EPA process replaces the need for school staff to fill out a paper form for access to Education Sector Applications.

If you are not sure who your school's EPA Authoriser is then please ask a colleague or else contact the  Education Service Desk

Once your School's EPA Authoriser submits your EPA Request for e-asTTle access this will be received and processed by the Education Service Desk within 3 working days.

Once the Education Service Desk have completed your e-asTTle request you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Education Service Desk regarding your ESL user account being granted e-asTTle access.

Only then will you be able to use e-asTTle. 


For e-asTTle External Co-ordinators

For advice on this type of e-asTTle access contact the Education Service Desk on 0800 422 599 or

External Co-ordinators have a special role in e-asTTle. They can gain access to multiple schools and aggregate and report data across these schools. External Co-ordinators are people who may not be staff members, but need to access school data for various reasons;

  • PLD Providers – Access to e-asTTle data may help a PLD provider to develop effective teaching and learning programmes. They may wish to view e-asTTle data to prepare themselves for workshops, view student reports to track progress and carry out various other activities within the school they are contracted to.
  • Cluster Coordinators – Schools may belong to a cluster as part of a Ministry initiative or professional learning community. It is the duty of a cluster coordinator to track and report on cluster progress. They may wish to create a collection of common tests for groups across cluster schools and report across the cluster.
  • Researchers – A researcher appointed by the Ministry or a university, may wish to collect specific data or monitor general progress or achievement for a specific purpose. Researchers may need to create collections of common tests, track and report on student progress across multiple schools.
  • Temporary External Coordinators – There are circumstances where it may be useful to gain temporary access to data from multiple schools. For example, a Year 9 Dean may wish to create an entry test for year 8 students to sit before they enter high school the following year.

As an e-asTTle External Co-ordinator you have the same level of e-asTTle access as teachers. In addition you can use e-asTTle across multiple schools.

For example, you can:

  • Create and maintain groups of students across multiple schools
  • Copy existing tests in one school and assign it to students in another school
  • Assign tests and view reports for common tests across multiple schools
  • Aggregate results for tests across multiple schools

You can also collaborate with other External Co-ordinators if you have at least one school in common.

You can:

  • View other External Co-ordinator tests
  • Assign tests created by another External Co-ordinator to the groups within schools you have access to
  • Copy and create similar tests to another External Co-ordinator
  • Mark tests created by another External Co-ordinator
  • View reports for tests created by another External Co-ordinator