What is the Attendance Service?

Brief overview of the Attendance Service Application (ASA)

Absence referrals from a school to the Attendance Service must be made through the Attendance Service Application (ASA).
The Attendance Service Application records unjustified absence referrals and non-enrolment notifications from schools. 

Making absence referrals to the Attendance Service

To make absence referrals to the Attendance Service, you’ll need to use the Attendance Service Application (ASA) and have an Attendance Service Provider.

List of attendance service providers by region

Once a referral is generated in the Attendance Service Application, it goes straight to the Attendance Service Provider who will allocate the referral to an Attendance Advisor or Kaiawhina for action.

When to lodge an unjustified absence referral in the Attendance Service

If a student has been unjustifiably absent, without satisfactory explanation, and your school has been unable to return the student to school, then log on to ASA and lodge an unjustified absence referral.

Once lodged, the referral is sent directly to the Attendance service provider who will allocate the referral to the appropriate Attendance Advisor or Kaiāwhina for action.