Providing learning resources to schools

How the Ministry of Education, and individual schools, purchase learning resources to support teaching and learning.

Opportunities to produce Ministry-funded learning resources, or to be a part of supplier panels to produce these resources, are advertised on the Government Electronic Tender service GETS. The Ministry is not able to endorse learning products other than those procured and contracted through this tendering process.

Individual New Zealand schools, and Communities of Learning, are able to make independent choices about which additional learning resources they purchase to support their students’ education. Suppliers are able to approach schools directly to promote their learning resources. A full list of schools is available on the Education Counts website.

The Ministry’s Education Gazette magazine is distributed to all schools and resource suppliers can advertise their learning resources in this publication. Advertising rates and booking information can be found on the Education Gazette website.

When producing educational resources, it is important to ensure that they are high quality and effective. The information sheet below includes eight principles to help providers design effective resources.

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