The rationale for centrally-funded PLD

In 2013 the Government set up a sector-led Advisory group to provide advice on the future design of PLD. The Advisory Group identified what was working well, and a number of weaknesses and concerns about PLD in New Zealand. It recommended a new approach. 

The PLD system reflects the advice from the PLD Advisory Group, and input from sector representatives on PLD working and reference groups.

Some of the background documents which have informed the current approach to PLD are below.

Report of the Professional Learning and Development Advisory Group (November 2014) [PDF]
Professional Learning and Development Three Year Work Programme (June 2015) [PDF]
Minister's Announcement on Professional Learning and Development (September 2015)
Terms of Reference for the PLD Advisory Group [PDF]
Terms of Reference for the PLD Accreditation Panel (August 2016) [PDF]