Round 1 Accreditation Results

The first round of accreditation for PLD facilitators is being communicated to applicants on a rolling basis.

Priority is currently being given to those who require accreditation to be involved in the RFP for centrally-funded PLD.

Should I have received news by now?

  • If you have made an individual application for accreditation and have responded to the RFP for centrally-funded PLD, then the results of your accreditation will be communicated directly to you.
  • If you are part of a PLD provider organisation and they have made an application for you on your behalf, the organisation will be receiving the results of your application. Please contact them for further information.
  • If you have made an individual application for accreditation but did not respond to the RFP, you will receive the results of your application later this month.

I have been told that my application was unsuccessful. What can I do?

Facilitators who have been unsuccessful have a number of options available to them. They may:

  • seek feedback on their application from the Accreditation Panel
  • appeal the decision and request a re-assessment of their application
  • make changes to their application and re-apply for accreditation

You can get further information on all of the above options by emailing

We are giving priority to those who are involved in the RFP process, and all requests received before 24 October 2016 will be processed during Term 4 2016.

 For more information on accreditation please see:

If you have any questions about the accreditation process, please contact