RFP Reopened

The Ministry has now published its RFP to grow the Centrally-Funded PLD panel on GETS, the Government Electronic Tender Service.

Members of the panel will be used to deliver centrally-funded PLD services.

Organisations on the panel can be of any size, including individuals acting as sole traders.

What is the purpose of the RFP?

The RFP is a process which allows the Ministry to determine if (a) an organisation meets minimum legal requirements in their financial dealings and other statutory obligations, and (b) is offering a service that will fit in the existing PLD market.

Passing the RFP does not guarantee any work, but it does mean that any accredited facilitators who work for your organisation will be available to schools, kura and Kāhui Ako for centrally-funded PLD work.

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more about the RFP on GETS here.

You can find out more about PLD generally here.