New Accreditation Process Launched

We have moved to a new, more regular, accreditation process for PLD facilitators.

From March 1 2017, we will run a monthly cycle of accreditation. This means that on the first working day of each month we will run an accreditation process, and aim to have results back within three weeks. For more information on accreditation, and to apply, please click here.

Some important points about the new system

  • We aim to assess and return results within a three week timeframe, where possible.
  • A maximum of two applications per year per facilitator will be considered.

Upcoming Accreditation Rounds in 2017

Month Deadline for submission of your application Preliminary Results By
March  Wednesday, 1 March  Friday, 17 March
April  Monday, 3 April   Tuesday, 18 April
May  Monday, 1 May  Tuesday, 16 May
June Thursday, 1 June Friday, 16 June