E Ranga and the PLD Journal

E Ranga

The PLD team and the Ministry of Education’s Waikato office have been working with iwi to establish iwi as PLD providers. This work is part of E Ranga – Towards improving Māori medium access to PLD.

The aim is to provide solutions that improve access to Māori PLD, with a particular focus on improving access for Māori medium kura.

We have begun to engage with iwi about becoming PLD providers. We have also been speaking to Māori organisations about the possibility of becoming PLD providers. The PLD team now has a Lead Advisor dedicated to the E Ranga project and will build on the work once Tupu Ora and the Waikato office have finished the initial phase of the project. 

PLD Journal

The Ministry now has a team in place to begin developing a new PLD Journal. The first priority is to re-design the Journal interface that schools, kura, and Kahui Ako use to chart their progression through their PLD journal. The Journal will be designed in te reo Māori then translated into English to ensure all users can engage effectively with it.

The aim of this work is to ensure that the new PLD Journal is more useful, usable and desirable from a user point of view. We plan to engage with journal users including schools, kura and Kāhui Ako  over the coming months to discover their needs and this feedback will inform the Journal re-design going forward. We anticipate that the new PLD Journal system will be implemented in the first half of 2019.