Accreditation and RFP applications closed for 2016

Accreditation process

The Ministry is currently completing this year’s accreditation process.

Any accreditation applications received after 12 December 2016 will not be considered until the independent PLD Accreditation Panel sits again in March 2017. The accreditation process will be reopened for new facilitators in late February 2017.

Applications from facilitators will be assessed each month from March 2017.

More information on the reopening of the accreditation process will be online in February.

RFP process

The Ministry is in the final stages of completing the RFP process. Once this process is completed, the Ministry will identify any gaps in the services and may run an additional RFP process in March 2017.

We have gained valuable feedback from the sector on our accreditation and RFP processes and are currently planning improvements to both.