Q&As about Accreditation and Procurement

Accreditation and Procurement

Last updated August 2017

When can I apply for accreditation?

You can apply for accreditation at any point. Accreditation applications are reviewed by the panel monthly.

Can I use a branded/altered template when applying for accreditation?

We are asking all provider organisations and facilitators to use the provided Summary of Practice/Portfolio templates for transparency and consistency.

Facilitators referenced in provider applications will be able to provide a URL link to company websites or online profiles as part of the application process.

We have made available landscape templates, for those who are having trouble formatting material to fit appropriately. These templates are available here.

Can I include a reference from my provider organisation in my summary of practice?

At least one of your referees in your summary of practice should be a principal or tumuaki from your example of practice. Where this is not practical, for example in a scenario where a facilitator has been working directly with a deputy principal, the deputy principal will be a more appropriate reference.

The other referee does not need to relate to an example but should come from a school or kura or where a facilitator has provided services. These are criteria that have been specified in the design of the new PLD system.

Please bear in mind that your references will be available to schools or kura who are searching for a PLD facilitator, and that you should clarify this with your referee before submitting your application.

Can ECE facilitators apply for accreditation?

The accreditation criteria that facilitators will be assessed against have been designed and co-constructed with the schooling sector, and align with PLD that is delivered to schools. ECE facilitators will be able to gain accreditation if they meet this criteria.

It is important to note that the system has not been designed for the ECE sector. The Ministry is currently considering how ECE services can best access PLD support, and will be engaging with the ECE sector to determine what systems best meet their needs.  

If one of my facilitators works for themselves or for another organisation, how should they manage their application?

All accreditation is at an individual level. Once an individual is accredited, they can provide PLD services through an approved provider organisation.

All facilitators will be listed once on the PLD database for schools, along with all of their specialisations and summary of practice. 

How can PLD facilitators appeal the decision of the panel?

PLD facilitators whose applications fora accreditation have not been successful have a number of options open to them.

They can:

  1. Request feedback on their application from the accreditation panel
  2. Request a review of their application by new panel members
  3. Resubmit an amended application to the panel

Expert Partners for Kāhui Ako

To find out more about Kāhui Ako, please visit the 'Investing in Educational Success' webpage.

What is an expert partner?

Academics and expert practitioners will be contracted to work alongside Kāhui Ako to strengthen their data analysis and support problem definition so that high quality achievement challenges are identified. 

Expert partners will support Kāhui Ako forming their plan on how to tackle the achievement challenges and how inquiry will form a critical part of that process.

Expert partners will act as critical friends for Kāhui Ako, challenging assumptions and supporting Kāhui Ako to remain focused on the things that potentially will have the best impact on lifting student achievement.

Expert partners may also work with Kāhui Ako to identify how they can deploy their resources effectively and what gaps may require additional expertise from external support.

Isn’t an expert partner the same as a Professional Learning and Development (PLD) provider?

No.  An expert partner can be a PLD provider but they will not be expected to do the PLD in this role.  In fact as a critical friend to the Kāhui Ako they may support the Kāhui Ako and the Regional Ministry Directors of Education to identify what PLD needs a Kāhui Ako may have.

Will an expert partner need to meet the accreditation requirements for PLD facilitators?

No.  Expert partners will not actually be doing the PLD with Kāhui Ako but will need to meet a set of criteria that the Ministry is currently developing.

Can a PLD facilitator be an expert partner?

Yes.  We see that this could be the case but we will be developing clear protocols so that if this was the case that they, as an expert partner would not be able to recommend themselves for PLD for that particular Kāhui Ako.