Key changes for providers and facilitators

In this section, you can learn about:

  • Accreditation for PLD facilitators
  • Becoming part of the panel which delivers centrally-funded PLD

There are two linked processes – Accreditation and procurement of services. You won’t be available to schools to deliver centrally-funded PLD unless you have taken part in the RFP process, and you can’t take part in this process unless you are accredited. Find out more about both below.


The Ministry is running an accreditation programme for PLD facilitators. It is our measure of quality, and shows that a facilitator has an understanding of school and kura contexts and can deliver support that is appropriate. It also shows that the facilitator knows how to support positive transformational change, and has expertise in a certain area.

Accreditation is important if you are interested in delivering centrally-funded PLD (see other tab), but it can also serve as a useful advertisement for your skills and experience to schools, kura and Kāhui Ako who are paying for their own PLD.  

If you are interested in following the accreditation process you should read the Accreditation Framework, and then complete an accreditation application. There is more information making an accreditation application here, and there are questions and answers on accreditation available here.

The new PLD redesign is focussed on delivering the PLD that matters to the teachers and students that need it.

We now provide schools with an allocation of hours, and they can choose a facilitator that suits their needs from a panel of providers.

To be a member of the panel, you must pass accreditation, and take part in (or work for an organisation that takes part in) the Ministry’s RFP process.

For more information about this process please see this page.