Invoicing the Ministry

Information about invoicing the Ministry of Education

When sending invoices to the Ministry the following must occur:

  1.  Your invoice must clearly state the Purchase Order (PO) number and the RANDCHAR reference for the SOW. The Ministry’s Accounts Payable team will not process an invoice without a PO number.
  2. Invoices need to have a short description of what the invoice is for. For example ‘delivery plan’ or ‘responsive feedback 1’. It is not necessary to explain in depth the work undertaken by facilitators on your invoices.
  3. Invoices must include separate lines for facilitator time and for travel for each milestone period as outlined on your purchase order. Remember you must make sure that travel has already been approved.
  4. When you send the Ministry an invoice you must send it to Please also cc in to ensure that the PLD team know that it has arrived and can receipt the invoice.

If you do not ensure these steps are taken then Accounts Payable can’t process your invoices.

If you have a Statement of Work (SOW) that does not have a PO number please contact for assistance. Attempting to send in an invoice without a PO number will cause delays in you receiving payment as the invoice will be returned to you.

Please refrain from including multiple SOWs on one invoice. Each SOW should have its own invoice.