Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply for accreditation?

Previously prospective facilitators could apply every month. However, the Ministry is currently re-designing its accreditation process in consultation with PLD Providers. The last round of accreditation using the initial accreditation process was in November 2018. While the new accreditation process is redeveloped the Ministry assures all facilitators that their accreditation status is still valid.

How does my organisation become a PLD Provider?

Organisations who wish to become registered as PLD providers must undertake the RFP process via the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS). We open this tender for time to time. Check here to see if the process is currently open.

My organisation does not have a purchase order for a Statement of Work

If a SOW does not have a purchase order or you do not have a purchase order number please contact

What is a PLD hour?

You can find out what a PLD hour is by clicking here.