Tracking progress

Information on responsive feedback and final reports

Responsive feedback

Once you have submitted your delivery plan and have begun working with your facilitator(s) to implement it you need to periodically update us on your progress by submitting responsive feedback. Responsive feedback allows both you and the Ministry to track progress while undertaking PLD and is generally completed every six months.

The delivery plan tab in your PLD journal will inform you how many responsive feedback reports you need to submit and when.

Your responsive feedback should be completed with your facilitator/s and then submitted to

If your PLD journal does not have the correct responsive feedback open please contact us at

Final report

Once you have completed your PLD hours you need to submit a final report. A final report is similar to the responsive feedback and captures your progress over the duration of PLD. Please ensure that once you have completed all your PLD hours you submit this report.

If you fail to submit your responsive feedback or final report this may adversely affect your ability to successfully apply for further PLD.

Re-applying & top up hours

You can re-apply for locally-focussed PLD at any time. If you have completed an allocation of PLD you might want to apply for more hours to further support ongoing change or you might apply for PLD to address a different need.

It is possible to apply for ‘top-up’ hours to add to the number of hours in a current allocation, however, the policies and procedures regarding this vary from region to region. Please contact your regional office or advisor for more information about top up hours.