Leadership Advisors

Leadership Advisors will prioritise one-on-one responsive support and guidance to beginning principals.

Each beginning principal and tumuaki is able to work with a Leadership Advisor who is a credible and experienced sector leader. 

Leadership Advisors work with beginning principals and tumuaki to provide tailored support and advice for the management and leadership to support the needs of individuals. Mentors are also be available to help beginning principals and tumuaki with any day-to-day issues they may face. Leadership Advisors can also support experienced principals and tumuaki facing new challenges.

Leadership Advisors also support beginning principals and tumuaki to lift outcomes for all their students, achieve quality strategic planning and establish good working relationships with their board chair and board, staff and community.

Feedback from previous Beginning Principals programmes have highlighted the value of forming professional networks so beginning principals and tumuaki will also be able to attend a national hui that provides an opportunity for them to focus on leading teaching and learning for outcomes and developing professional support networks.

Regional offices will make contact with beginning principals and tumuaki to set up support however beginning principals and tumuaki may contact their Senior Advisor if they have any questions.