How to apply for locally-focussed PLD

Locally-focussed PLD aims to build greater equity and excellence in a small number of national priority areas

  • You should familiarise yourself with the priority areas, and how these might relate to the achievement challenges in your school.
  • The current national priorities for locally-focussed PLD are pāngarau, pūtaiao, te reo matatini (pānui, tuhituhi, kōrero), maths, science, reading and writing, and digital fluency.
  • This does not mean PLD is only available for priority subjects. The PLD process is centred on the inquiry model. If you are unfamiliar with this particular tool, you can find more information here 

Once you have identified a need you can make a PLD Proposal using the PLD Journal. You can dowload the PLD journal by clicking here. Your proposal should answer questions such as the following:

  • What are you wanting to achieve?
  • How did you come to the conclusion that this was needed?
  • How does the proposal align to your achievement challenge, charter, or annual plan?
  • How does this relate to the overall goals or strategic direction of your school, kura or Kāhui Ako?
  • How is your school leadership engaged in this PLD and how will the leadership ensure the new knowledge is applied into practice?

You can find more on what a PLD proposal should address here

When and where to apply

  • There are four opportunities a year (once a term) to apply for PLD.
  • PLD applications should be made to your regional office not the Ministry’s National office. You can find your regional contacts and the deadlines for applications here. 

The regional allocation process

Once you submit your proposal it is reviewed by your region’s Area Allocation Panel who allocate locally-focussed PLD. The panels are comprised of sector representatives and Ministry representatives from inside the region and they meet once a term. Locally-focussed PLD is allocated regionally as the panels are best placed to understand your region’s particular priorities and needs. After your panel meets you will be informed if your proposal has been accepted or declined. Please note if your proposal is accepted you may receive less or more hours than requested depending on the panel’s decision.

You should use your allocated hours within the timeframe specified in the proposal or let your regional office know if there is a delay; your hours are likely to be withdrawn and reallocated if you do not start your PLD journey within a year of receiving your allocation of hours. The reason for this is that locally-focussed PLD is funded by Ministry of Education financial year and must be used in that time frame.