Factsheets and Resources

If you would like advice on applying for centrally-funded PLD, you may find the factsheets and resources below helpful.

PLD Basics

How Professional Learning and Development is Changing (A3)

What are the National Priorities?

Applying for PLD

Advice on applying for centrally-funded PLD

Prompts to help you put together a PLD Proposal

Who can help me with a PLD Proposal?

What to do when you've been allocated PLD

Selecting a facilitator

Using your centrally funded PLD allocation

Preparing a Delivery Plan

PLD Journal Snapshots

Using the PLD Journal to review your progress


Inquiry Principles and the PLD Proposal

Educational Leaders - The Spiral of Inquiry (includes videos about inquiry in practice)

If you have any detailed queries about the new PLD system, please explore the rest of this website, or email PLD.enquiries@education.govt.nz