Delivery plans

Information about completing delivery plans.

Once you have a chosen a facilitator(s) you can begin to work together to develop and submit a delivery plan. A delivery plan is the next step in the PLD process and informs us of how you are going to undertake your PLD. 

1. A delivery plan should be completed with your facilitator(s) who can help guide you through the process. It is also a good idea to involve your regional Ministry of Education team in this planning process.

2. When completing your delivery plan you should fill in all the yellow shaded areas which include:

  • A start date
  • An end date within the timeframe given to you by the Area Allocation Panel
  • A baseline snapshot and monitoring against any specific priorities
  • A breakdown of your planned activities with your facilitator(s), what time you are dedicating to each activity and when you will complete them. You don’t need to be completely accurate to the exact day, for example using the end dates for terms is a good guideline.

3. Once you have completed your delivery plan it should be submitted to the PLD Service team in the Ministry’s national office at

4. The Ministry’s national office team will put in place a statement of work with your chosen facilitator(s) provider organisation. This is the contract between the Ministry and the Provider for your PLD journey. No work should commence until the statement of work is signed by both the Ministry and the Provider.

For more information please click Preparing a Delivery Plan