Choosing your DT & HM PLD Facilitator

Members of the PLD provider panel have identified which of their accredited facilitators are able to support the DT & HM Curriculum Implementation PLD in the English and/ or Māori medium, whether face to face or through another delivery mechanism. Only organisations that are part of the panel will be eligible to deliver centrally funded PLD.

We expect that schools, kura, Kāhui Ako, departments and lead teachers may wish to work differently from ‘regular PLD’ as they build greater understanding of the new curriculum content and plan how best to integrate it into their local curriculum. We suggest you contact facilitators on the list below and discuss your needs directly with them.  

The PLD Provider panel members that have indicated they have facilitators to support this work are listed below. Two of those members are new to the panel and are offering PLD models that might work for you.

Click here for the list of DT & HM facilitators.

Click here for more information about all PLD facilitators.