What is Pacific PowerUP FlexiPlus?

In 2019, we are offering the Pacific PowerUP FlexiPlus programme. In total, providers will deliver 8 – 15 PowerUP sessions which consist of workshops about NCEA and career pathways, the development of a local curriculum, skills-based workshops, and other educational topics parents will find useful.

In addition to this, parents and their children will participate in the five week long Early Reading Together® and Reading Together® programmes.

Apply to be a 2019 FlexiPlus provider

The Ministry of Education is looking for providers with strong Pacific community links. They should be flexible and responsive to the needs of their community. Each week, at least 30 Parents and their children should attend the PowerStation.

If you think you can provide this service, visit the GETS website or contact the Pacific PowerUP team at PowerUP.Plus@education.govt.nz for more information and application details.