Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work

The PowerUP Plus programme is delivered at a PowerStation. It is a weekly programme with four workshops running at the same time.

At the PowerStation, you will find a workshop for parents and families, a workshop for secondary school students, a workshop for primary school students and another workshop for early childhood learners.

Each workshop will be lead by qualified and experienced teachers within the education system.

To support the teachers, you will find community champions and academic mentors on hand too. 

To access the programme, you just need to register at  your nearest PowerStation.

Why you should attend PowerUP Plus?

We know that parents are first teachers for our children. PowerUP Plus was designed to help Pasifika parents and families to support their children's educational journey.

 We all play an important part in helping to lift educational achievement for our children, whether it is at home or at school.