What is the FlexiPlus model?

In 2019, we are offering the Pacific PowerUP FlexiPlus programme.

FlexiPlus is an 8-15 week programme for parents and their children. It consists of core fundamental PowerUP sessions such as NCEA, pathways, local curriculum and provider/parent-developed workshops alongside an additional four weeks of Reading Together®.

FlexiPlus gives the pacific community providers the flexibility to decide how long they deliver the programme in their community, how the workshops are spread across the year, and what workshops they provide alongside the core fundamental PowerUP sessions. 

This model seeks to provide support to areas with growing Pacific populations outside of Auckland and Wellington, and responds to feedback received about the Pasifika PowerUP Plus programme over the last five years.  

In addition to this, parents and their children will have the option in some PowerStations to participate in four sessions of the Reading Together® programme.