Additional Relief Teacher Funding


Additional Relief Teacher Funding covers the costs of employing relief teachers in the event of sick leave, jury service, or absence due to sports and cultural reasons. 

For more information about the Additional Relief Teacher Funding rules and guidelines, see Additional Relief Teacher Funding information on the Education website.

Sick Leave

Additional Relief Teacher Funding to cover sick leave can be made through ERS. See below for more information on using the ERS.

Jury Service

You no longer need to request Additional Relief Teacher Funding for jury service.  The request is now processed automatically when jury service leave is recorded in the payroll system.

Sports and Cultural Leave

If you are applying for Additional Relief Teacher Funding to cover sports and cultural leave, you will still need to use the RT2 Form: Additional Relief Teacher Funding Application- Sports and Cultural leave. For more information see Additional Relief Teacher Funding for sports and cultural leave on the Education website.

User Guide - Create new request

Download this user guide: ARTF create new request user guide [PDF, 220KB]

When to use

Follow the steps below to create a new request for Additional Relief Teacher Funding.

1 From the home page or dashboard click New Request.
2 Select Additional Relief Teacher from the 'Request type' list.
3 Start typing the name of the teacher and select the correct name from the list.
4 Click Create request.
5 Select the dates of absence.
6 Enter the number of teacher only days that occurred during the absence and click Continue.
7 Click Choose file.
8 Locate and select the medical certificate to support the request and click Open.
9 Click Continue.
10 Double-check the information you have entered and amend if necessary.
11 Click Send for Approval.
12 Notify your approver that there is a request waiting for them to approve.

User Guide - Approve request

Download this user guide: ARTF approve request user guide [PDF, 220kb]

When to use

1 Click View All Requests.
2 Click on the request ID of the request that is 'Pending Acceptance'.

Review the information in the request.

If the information is...then...
true and correct click Agree and Submit Request.
not true and correct

click Cancel and Delete Request.

Note: this will delete the request and a new one will need to be created.


This module takes you step-by-step through the Additional Relief Teacher Funding request creation and approval process.


This section has some general questions and answers about Additional Relief Teacher Funding requests in relation to using ERS. If you still can't find what you're after, you can email us here.

Q: What information do I need to provide to support my request?

A: You need to provide the medical certificate from the health professional that covers the claim period.

Q: Why do I need to update the payroll data first?

A: Before you submit a funding request, you'll need to make sure the payroll data is up-to-date otherwise your request can’t be processed. The ERS automatically picks up sick leave days for your teachers from the payroll system. If this information isn't up to date, the ERS won't have the right figures to make accurate calculations, and/or your request may not be able to be processed if there is insufficient information for the period you're making a request for.

Q: The teacher returned to school briefly during their absence. What do I do?

A: Just like the paper form there is only a start date and an end date. The system will automatically calculate the sick leave taken between the two dates entered. If the teacher returned to work during the period claimed this will automatically be picked up in the system.